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ECMWF 46-day outlook to late November

INteresting developments in todays ECMWF 46-day outlook, which if they were to prove correct, could lead to some chillier weather from mid November. Here are the details so far ... 19th to 25th October Trough over the UK and Ireland. Rather mixed at first, but then improving slowly as a ridge builds (see

JMA November, December & January ideas

The Japanese Meteorolpgical Agency have issued their forecasts for the next 3-months, of which I'll be talkig more in the Look Ahead videos in the coming days. Here's the forecast for rainfall which is showing as blue over the UK and Ireland which indicates wetter than average conditions. Not desperately wet

5 Week Ahead Weather Things to Know

1 - Mixed conditions continue this week as low pressure continues to dominate the weather for the UK and Ireland 2 - Temperatures will continue to be on the cooler side of average throughout the week though there will be a few milder days to the far southeast     3 - Nights will