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World temperature round-up


As we get towards the critical end of the growing period in the northern hemisphere and we start to think about harvest, I thought we'd take a quick look at how temperatures are forecast to fair in the next week. Many of our trader clients are now keenly watching developments and we are doing our best to advise accordingly ( please get in touch if you think we may be able to help you ).

There are distinct colder area on western Canada and the southeastern USA, but it's warm in the eastern USA as warm air from Hurricane Barry advances. For Europe it's turning cooler, with the cold air of the past week or so in eastern Europe and western Russia persisting as air from the Arctic slips south. A brief warm area in central parts of Russia but then look how chilly it is forecast to be in eastern Russia. China is warm in the east but forecast to be cld in the west.

In the southern hemisphere it's warmer than average in the west and south of Australia, cooler to the east. Staying warm in south Africa as they hit mid-winter. South America is larger warmer than average, but cooler in parts of eastern Brazil.

Globally temperatures are forecast around +0.38C above average, with the Arctic above normal and the Antarctic again below average.

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