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Heavy Shower and Thunderstorm Risk Areas

Let's take a closer look at the detail for this week regarding the heavy showers and likely thunderstorms to occur. We have already seen that on Monday across Dartmoor and further north thunderstorms were really cracking off giving plenty of lightning for people to watch. This was also the case across

5 Week Ahead Weather Things to Know

1 - It's a hot start to the week for southern areas with temperatures still reaching into the 30s Celsius here through midweek. Becoming fresher for other areas before then but not feeling fresher in the south until later in the week. 2 - The atmosphere destabilises over the UK and

Thunderstorms next week

The risk of thunderstorms is high for many places across the UK this coming week. How do thunderstorms development? When could we expect such storms over the coming days? Thunderstorms occur when there is instability in the atmosphere and are characterised as a sudden series of electrical charges. When there is