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5 Weather Week Things To Know

A change in the weather is coming this week; dry, settled and warm conditions move out and wetter, windier and cooler weather moves in. By Friday there are signs of a ridge of high pressure moving in again, but only for a brief time. Here are your 5 Weather Week Things


You may have heard the term, 'medicane', be mentioned once or twice recently. The name comes about when an area of low pressure deepens significantly over the Mediterranean forming a hurricane eye like feature in it's centre such as what you would get in a developing hurricane in the Atlantic

5 Week Ahead Weather Things To Know

Monday: Temperatures rising - High pressure over the near continent ridges across and brings largely dry and fine conditions to much of the UK although cloud and rain will affect the north and the west. Very warm in the south.  2. Tuesday: Hot in the south -  Rather cloudy with patchy light