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Tropical Trouble

The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on the 1st of June and there is some evidence to suggest that it may well be another active season. However, some of the main tropical developments this season could well be over more western areas of the tropical Atlantic and through the Gulf of

Latest May Anomalies

It may not come as a surprise but May is certainly progressing towards being drier than average and, overall, with atmospheric pressure generally higher than normal as well. There's still a third or so of the month left but with high pressure in the forecast and this set to maintain

Jet Stream Heads North – Yet More Dry Weather!

Whether an enthusiast or a professional, the track of the jet stream across the N Hemisphere and then particularly across the N Atlantic into the British Isles is very important with regards to determining the potential weather across the UK. If the jet stream is running more west to east

FREE – Musing; The Royal Wedding

As many will know getting married in the British Isles is certainly 'pot luck' when it comes to the weather. You can plan for a mid-July wedding and it can still rain, yet get married in March or April and you could be lucky and time it when some early