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5 Week Ahead Weather Things to Know

1 - Early rain and showers over western areas on Monday tend to fade for most through the afternoon. A few showers will reach eastern areas but it will generally be drier and brighter here. Winds tending to ease through the day too. Cool in the north. 2 - Wet and

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

1 - Wet and windy conditions for most on Saturday. Rain spreads through Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, west Wales and northwest England through the morning. Gales likely for many northwestern areas. 2 - Rain spreads through east Wales and the rest of England through the afternoon reaching the far southeast by

Rough Weather in the Irish Sea This Week

With a change to more unsettled conditions this week with low pressure arriving from the west, most areas will be noticeable breezier than they have been of late. Winds will be touching gale force or stronger for some, especially over coastal regions in the north and west and over higher