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Radiative Cooling – Very Low Min Temps

Today I take a look at a process that is known as ‘radiative cooling’, of which will be exampled very well indeed in the coming nights. Radiative cooling relates to the methods by which temperatures fall away at night. Through the autumn and winter period, when nights are particularly long,

Atlantic Hurricane Season 2017 – Review

The end of November signalled the end of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season, which started back in June. The combination of favourable sea surface temperatures, along with a developing La Nina which provides suitable conditions for the development of tropical features, lead to a very active and destructive season indeed. The

Model Volatility

The blocking patterns, as they are known, that we have been experiencing in recent weeks in which means high pressure is a dominant feature at more northern latitudes, is often a tricky setup for the various weather models to predicted. Within the short term, confidence is high for the cold

Possible Stratospheric Warming?

The cold weather that has often dominated through November and will continue to do so, as things stand, into early December has come about due to know are known as 'blocking patterns'. This means areas of high pressure are often influential at more northern latitudes and these essentially 'block' the

How Low Will The Temperatures Go!

The cold weather is here and is set to stay, well apart from a somewhat less-cold wet and windy day on Monday. Overall though, we continue to see cold northerly winds dominate the weather through the course of next week. At the moment it is likely that by the time

A Temperature Rollercoaster!

Well, we do have a fascinating and varied week of weather on the way through the rest of the week, and this includes an eventual transition back towards colder weather, but also with some significant rainfall totals for some and a real contrast and extreme temperature pattern too. During the