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5 Week Ahead Weather Things To Know

The final full week of February is upon us (where's this year going to already!?), and that means the countdown is on towards the first month of spring. Late February and early March can, however, still produce some late winter weather and that is certainly likely to be the case

Dry End to Winter

The winter as a whole has been quite dry. As usual mind, there have also been some regional variations, and parts of the British Isles certainly had a wet January. However, despite some of the uncertainties over the forecast over the next week, what does have relatively high confidence is

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

Yippee!...It's Friday again, where do these weeks go!? It sure has been a cold week of weather this week, temperatures into Wednesday morning did drop away to -9C and -10C in a few places, and that was after some reasonably widespread snow across northern areas on Tuesday too. It is,