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MJO keeps dry weather until at least early May

  The MJO forecast from the CFS is showing the dry weather persisting until the early stages of May. Interestingly this ties in with the forecast from the 35-Day GFS Ensemble which I showed yesterday in the Look Ahead video. Below is the forecast MJO from there CFS and notice we are currently

5 Week Ahead Weather Things To Know

High pressure bringing largely dry conditions looks to be the main feature feature through this working week. Temperatures will also start to recover through the week with overnight harsh widespread frosts becoming less so though we will not rid of the overnight frosts completely. Here are the five things you

Temperatures recovering

I think we are all looking forward to seeing the back of the frosty early morning starts as we have had our fair share this winter and spring! We need to endure a few more nights of widespread, and in some regions hard, frosts, but Tuesday night could be the

2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecasts

So it's that time of year again when some major forecasting groups/centres start to issue their predictions for the upcoming hurricane season in the Atlantic. Perhaps unsurprisingly, four of the groups who have so far released their forecasts are predicting a more active than average season given the fact that

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

1 - A cold start for most on Saturday with a hard frost and ice patches expected. Escaping this are the far southeast, south and southwest of England where temperatures are expected to stay a few degrees above freezing. 2 - Low pressure over the near continent brings outbreaks of

ECMWF 6-Week Outlook to Late May

And so here we go, almost through spring (well that is where we will be by the time this weeks 6-week outlook from the ECMWF has finished). I talked through the charts in yesterdays Look Ahead video, but I've added more detail below. 10th April to16th April Trough over the UK (see chart). Ridge

Frosty, frosty nights!

We certainly have some frosty nights ahead and it's worth emphasising these as there could be some very sharp frosts for the time of year. Clear skies and lighter winds certainly make for lowering temperatures, add to that a very dry airmass and all the makings of some winter-like weather are

5 Week Ahead Weather Things to Know

Although it will be cold, there will be plenty of dry and bright weather around this week. Here are five "things to know" for the coming week ahead. 1 - Temperatures will generally be cold, a good few degrees down on average for the time of year. 2 - Frosts (both ground

Turning Cold, but There’s Still Not Much Rain Around

Although we're losing high pressure this week as a cold northerly flow develops, this doesn't mean that lower pressure is becoming dominant. In fact, we won't really see an area of lower pressure arriving until Wednesday and, based on current forecasts, this is expected to have impacts limited mainly to