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More on the rest of summer and early autumn

In yesterdays Look Ahead video I showed the latest ideas for analogue guidance going into the autumn. We are at a critical stage in the analogue forecast process and the charts below depend on a change in the ENSO in the coming weeks. That needs to happen in order to build

ECMWF 46-day outlook to end July

The ECMWF has just updated its outlook for the next 6-weeks and we are on the look out for any windows of better weather. The good news is that there are a few hints of some spells of drier conditions. Here's the latest ... 14th June to 21st June Low pressure brings unsettled conditions

5 Week Ahead Weather Things to Know

Monday will be wet and windy for much of England, with the exception of the north, and Wales. Heaviest rain for the southeast, East Anglia and the coasts of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Winds near gale force around The Wash through the afternoon. Tuesday continues wet for England and Wales

Updated Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast from CSU

Dr Phil Klotzbach at Colorado State University has released an update to his earlier Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast. Previously, in April, he and his team forecast a slightly below average hurricane season however they have now increased this. Their latest forecast is much closer to the long term averages. See below.   CSU

Where have all the windows gone?

It's 'bang your head against the table' time. Being a forecaster when the weather is in such an unsettled mood, and so many farmers are wanting to do silage and start hay-making  can be so soul destroying! Trying the spot the wood for the trees when low pressure is so dominant is

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

After a very wet & windy Friday, conditions stay wet & windy for many on Saturday Wettest areas on Saturday are likely to be the north of England, the West Midlands, north Wales and northeast Scotland.  Strongest winds will be through the early hours of Saturday and through the