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Dealing With Uncertainty

Access to forecast weather information has never been easier with a whole range of forecasts, sometimes very detailed, available to anyone who wishes to use them. Almost invariably the forecasts that we see online are automated forecasts obtain directly from numerical weather prediction (NWP) models; these have not been calibrated

Living in the Past

The use of forecast weather information is an integral part of life for many. Be it the casual glance at an app, a more detailed look before engaging in leisure activities, or critical support for commerce, the military and infrastructure, weather forecasts play their part. However, looking backwards at the weather in an

5 Weekend Weather Things to know

Here we go with the weekend, but what does the weather have in store for us? Here are your 5 Weekend Weather Things to Know ... 1 - Autumnal fog: Under clear skies and with only light winds, Saturday morning is like to bring fog to parts of England and Wales, especially

More on the winter JAMSTEC forecast

In yesterdays Look Ahead I went through the JAMSTEC forecast charts for the coming winter, spring and summer. Let's look at those in more detail. Here's the ENSO forecast from JAMSTEC and this is one of the stronger El Nino forecasts. See how the forecast is for a +1.8 index by the

November 2018 – Preliminary Forecast

+++ THIS FORECAST IS FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR COPIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. +++ NOVEMBER 2018 - PRELIMINARY GUIDANCE ===================================== Issued: Wednesday 17th October 2018 Contact:   HEADLINES ========== + Big difference between models + May be cooler than average month + Risk of storms   FACTORS AFFECTING NOVEMBER 2018 PRELIMINARY GUIDANCE ====================================================== + Significant