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High Seas Off Western Ireland Later This Week

The west coast of Ireland is set to take something of a beating this week as wave heights approaching 9 metres (high to very high seas) are set to approach the country's western seaboard. This is due to a deep area of low pressure over the Atlantic blowing southwesterly winds and

5 Weekly Weather Things to Know

A mixed day on Monday with most areas seeing a combination of cloudy skies, showers and sunny spells thanks to multiple fronts edging southeastward across the country Temperatures will be close to average for the time of year on Monday and Tuesday before rising again toward the weekend The

Kelvin Helmholtz Clouds

On 14th February I saw my first ever Kelvin Helmholtz cloud and, in true weathergeek fashion, I got far too excited about this and started posting my (not so great) photo on social media! This led to a bit of feedback from my non-meteorologist friends (yes, I have some of

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

If you were lucky enough to be in the sunshine yesterday, it really did feel like spring. How about this weekend? Here are your 5 Weekend Weather Things to Know ... 1. The southwest wind brings lots of cloud across northern and western areas on Saturday. 2. Best of sunny spells in central

More on that spring and summer update

Things sometimes get tricky when forecasting. You think you have a story mapped out, and then something comes along to shake your confidence. That's where I am at the moment. Everything was going well with the thoughts of a dry and very warm summer in the east, but also wetter in

ECMWF 46-day update through end of March

I'm pleased to report things seem to be going according to plan. The latest 6-week forecast from the ECMWF is leaning heavily into our initial ideas for March. Here's what it says... 15th February to 22nd February Large ridge east of the UK. Trough west of Ireland (see chart). Mild southerly airflow affecting all areas. Outbreaks