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5 Week Ahead Weather Things to Know

1 - Temperatures will take a dip at the beginning of the week but will recover from mid-week and into next weekend. 2 - Low pressure dominates proceedings across the UK and Ireland this week bringing unsettled or mixed conditions. 3 - Snow, sleet, frost and ice will be a concern for

Is Winter Finally on the Way?

The latest runs of the GFS are hinting at a Sudden Stratospheric Warming event occurring through the early days of February. The chart below shows forecast temperatures at the 10hPa level on Tuesday 28th January at 06.00 hours GMT. The following chart shows the same parameter one week later on

30 Years Since the Burns Day Storm

Today (Saturday) marks 30 years since the Burns Day Storm of 1990. The storm is one of the most damaging to impact the UK and remains one of the costliest to the insurance industry too. The storm developed over the Atlantic from a cold front, making its way towards Ireland and

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

1 - High pressure slides off to the southeast through the weekend to be replaced by lower pressure and a westerly flow. 2 - Mildest to the southeast where temperatures should still reach double-digits on both days. 3 - Becoming colder for Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland on Sunday.   4 - Increasingly breezy

ECMWF 6-Week Outlook to Early March

Before we know it winter is over and we are already forecasting into the first week of spring. Of course, there is a lot of winter still to go, but meteorologically speaking at least, we are now 6 days past the halfway point. So, here's what the latest 6-week forecast from the

Why the high high hasn’t hung around!

There are times when the weather hides behind an opaque curtain, not reveal itself fully but rather dancing in the shows of what may be. The current area of high pressure is, I believe, hiding something bigger behind that 'curtain'. Yes, the atmosphere is certainly bearing down on our heads right now,