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NAO & AO heading positive for January, unsettled?

It's been a while since we took a look at the Arctic Oscillation and the North Atlantic Oscillation. And since we last looked, there have been some interesting developments in the forecast. Here's the NAO. Notice how it dips into negative territory, hinting at a weaker westerly flow over the Atlantic until

ECMWF 46-day to mid January

The ECMWF 6-week forecast is probably going to be more reliable int he week ahead as there are less factors which could interrupt developments in the atmosphere. Having said that, we are still monitoring developments in the upper atmosphere to spot any early signs of cooling in the Northern Hemisphere. Here are

Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Sunspots & Weather

Something I have been looking at for sometime is the correlation between earthquakes, volcanoes and climate. After all, it stands to reason that a body as massive as the sun can have an impact on the earth, and however small this may be our geological balance is such that small changes

5 Week Ahead Weather Things to Know

We've a very changeable week ahead with stormy conditions at times. Stay tuned to for the latest updates to this forecast and to hear about expected impacts from severe weather. 1 - Monday is a breezy and chilly but mostly dry and bright day across Ireland and the UK. Cloudier to

November 2019

Unsurprisingly, the latest statistics from the Met Office show that November 2019 in the UK was cooler, wetter and cloudier than the long term averages (1961-1990). Met Office data shows that the UK as a whole saw 103% of it's normal November rainfall and was on average 0.3C cooler than

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

1 - Rain is never far away through this weekend but current indications are that the heaviest rain will fall through Saturday evening to Sunday morning. 2 - Temperatures will be milder on Saturday, cooler on Sunday but staying well above freezing away from the Scottish

When bad output can give good guidance!

The CFS is chopping and changing in each of its forecast runs at the moment, all of this building to idea that the weather is undergoing either a change or a battle for supremacy of one particular pattern. We could focus on the warming taking place in the stratosphere right now

ECMWF 46-day outlook to mid-January

As we head into what might be described as 'winter proper', there are some signs of colder weather ahead. The latest ECMWF 46-day forecast (below) hints at this, but I don't think it has the detail sorted just yet. However, here's where we are so far, but remember this is just the

5 Week Ahead Weather Things to Know

1 - Monday is a cold, dry and bright day for much of England and Wales with mist and fog patches lingering through the morning. Cloudier to the north and west with outbreaks of rain over northern Scotland. These becoming heavier through the day. 2 - Tuesday is a dry day