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Spring & Summer 2018 Analogue Signals

Thought you might like the latest output from Peitoo Peng's forecasting methods. Peitoo uses Hoog Van Dan Dool's former analogue methods to produce long range forecasts, and these have proved good for guidance. Here's the forecast 200mb flow as per the latest issue of the forecasts. It shows the period from March through

FREE MUSING – Sunday Snow Latest – Sunday 4pm Update

There's the potential for much of the south of the UK and Ireland to witness the most significant, widespread snow event for several years this weekend. I know that further north you'll be wondering what all the fuss is about, so please be patient:) We'll be keeping tabs of it here .... Sunday

Radiative Cooling – Very Low Min Temps

Today I take a look at a process that is known as ‘radiative cooling’, of which will be exampled very well indeed in the coming nights. Radiative cooling relates to the methods by which temperatures fall away at night. Through the autumn and winter period, when nights are particularly long,

Sunday Snow Latest

Latest forecast snow accumulations for Sunday suggesting northern Midlands, northern England and Scotlandnwith snow cover. Much uncertainty as to how things develop into Monday but there could be more snow.

Already thinking of spring 2018?

I know we are not even into the throes of winter, but why not cheer ourselves up with some early thoughts on where things might be heading weather-wise into spring 2018. Now, every Weatherweb Premium member is inherently sensible and so I know I don'#t need to remind you of how

5 Weather Week Things to Know

Okay then, here we go with a week which may well see winter 'proper' by the end of it. The snow forecast below shows some cover for the end of the week, this lasting into the weekend. So, here are your 5 Weather Week Things to Know ... 1. Plenty of cloud around

Atlantic Hurricane Season 2017 – Review

The end of November signalled the end of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season, which started back in June. The combination of favourable sea surface temperatures, along with a developing La Nina which provides suitable conditions for the development of tropical features, lead to a very active and destructive season indeed. The