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Save yourselves! Angus may be on its way!

There's a chance that the area of low pressure forecast to swing through the U.K. on Sunday could be the first named storm of the season. Now, we've all got an opinion on the naming of UK storms, and Garry and I have a Weather Wise Guys video about it when

Chinese call a wet European winter for 2016/17

The Chinese Met Agency have released their initial forecast ideas for winter 2016/2017 (for the months of December, January & February). The 500mb height anomaly chart for the Northern Hemisphere (shown below) highlights much lower than average 500mb heights over the UK, with higher than average heights to the west of

It’s getting colder day on day (and night on night)

Okay, so I exaggerated the headline, but certainly temperatures are on the decrease over the next couple of days. Here's the forecast maximum for Thursday .... Now here's Friday ... much cooler ... And then Saturday is cooler still ... Throw in the frost risk for Friday night/Saturday morning ...   And again for some on

A little more on JMA May, June & July forecast

Todays Look Ahead video discusses the forecast from the JMA for the months of May, June and July. Yes, this may not be the strictest definition of summer, but it is certainly covering the bulk of the summer period. You'll know from the video that the Japanese Meteorological Agency are calling a reasonable