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5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

Do not adjust your sets! Despite the strange times we are living in, we have not somehow been transported forward or backwards) to October; although the weather this weekend will feel like it! Here are your 5 Weekend Weather Things To Know ... 1. Saturday is windy and cold through much of

Developing the damper summer story

The thoughts of a wetter summer, now that we have said goodbye the extremely dry spring conditions of the last few weeks, is something uppermost in my mind right now. I keep revisiting years such as 2007 when dry spring weather was followed by torrential summer downpours. Whilst this year its different,

ECMWF 6-Week to mid-July

We are seeing a change of weather pattern in the coming weeks, something the ECMWF 6-week forecast has laboured heavily on. Here's the latest until the middle of July ... 6th June to 12th June Deep trough over the UK and Ireland bringing low pressure (see chart). Mixed to unsettled with rain and showers. Most