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The Sailing Weather Information Service is getting an update bringing you more forecasts and charts.

What's happening?
You will get full access to all SWIS forecasts for your sailing in the UK, Europe and Atlantic, plus the forecasts, charts, videos and musings at Weatherweb Premium. Our 2-Week Planning video forecast updated three times per week is proving a great hit with sailors.

What does this mean for you?
In order to implement the new and improved SWIS service it is necessary to update all of out existing members. This means that you will shortly have to re-register with SWIS in order to use the service.

Will it still be free?
SWIS has been free for the past two years. In order to enhance the service we offer it is necessary to intorduce a subscription fee. However, that subscription will give you access not only to SWIS but also to the suite of forecasts offered by Weatherweb Premium at
Subscription fees have been kept at a level that we think reflect the quality of SWIS forecasts and the additional available to you. You will be able to pay monthly at £11.75 per month, or take out a 6-month subscription at £65.

Can I become a Premium member now?
Yes, click here to become a Premium member now.

What about email forecasts?
Email forecasts put a great strain on our servers. However, we know they are important to some SWIS members and so to facilitate this we will maintain the email forecasts for the time being. However, you will not be able to change your email forecast requests and so these will phase out with time. Ultimately the email service will be stopped.

When will this upgrade happen?
SWIS will be upgraded in the next few weeks, so to ensure continuation of service, please become a Premium Member now at

I hope you will appreciate that this change, whilst always inconvenient, will facilitate SWIS being available in the longer term.

Please feel free to email with any questions you may have.

With best wishes,