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Books & DVD's by Simon Keeling

Founder and Managing Director of Weatherweb Dr. Simon Keeling is author of several books and a DVD about the weather. Some are for specialised interests such as sailors, others are of more general use for gardeners, walkers and golfers.

For those who want to know more about the weather and how it works, the Weather Why's DVD is ideal. If you know someone who walks, climbs, flys, sails or has a general interest in the weather then this DVD makes an ideal gift. Or you can download Smion's books onto your Kindle or e-book, as well as ordering for quick delivery by post.

You can see samples and purchase books and DVD's directly from this website and payment is made via our secure server using your credit or debit card.


WEATHER WHYS? - DVD (2hrs+) £19.99 (usually £24.99)

Weather is the national obsession, but what causes the weather and how does it work?

The Weather Whys DVD explains the fascinating world of weather to beginners and experts alike. It's ideal for pilots, sailors, farmers, anglers, walkers and anyone with an interest in the great outdoors.

There are 35 short videos, each lasting around 2 to 5 minutes and explains how the weather works clearly, concisely and without reference to complex equations. In total the DVD contains over 2-hours of the most invaluable weather teaching.

Written and produced by television weather expert Dr. Simon Keeling, Weather Whys introduces meteorology and shows how you can have a go at DVD forecasting.
If the weather fascinates you, isn't it time you got Weather Whys?

Watch a sample video from the 'Weather Whys?' DVD here - 1
Watch a sample video from the 'Weather Whys?' DVD here - 2



POCKET WEATHER FORECASTER - Full colour book (84 pages)  £14.99
ADD TO CART (Paperback) - £14.99
BUY NOW (Kindle edition) - $9.99 excellent pictorial guide to the use of clouds in predicting the weather, the best of its kind. Huw Lloyd-Hughes.

Have you ever seen a cloud formation and wondered what weather it will bring? So many day to day activities are influenced by the weather that the forecast is critical in deciding whether to take part. This non-scientific, easily accessible book is for all those with an interest in the weather, and for whom making a more informed weather decision will enhance day-to-day pleasures. Pilots, sailors, walkers, gardeners, golfers, anglers and many others will enjoy this book.