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How Much Rain Can We Expect Next Week?

I'm sure you all know by now that we've a change in the weather on the way from Monday. Low pressure arrives from the west and we move into a generally more mixed to unsettled period of weather. Having spoken to quite a lot of you on the phone over the

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

1 - A slack pressure flow dominates conditions over the UK and Ireland through this weekend. 2 - Temperatures will remain on the chilly side - down a few degrees on average for this stage of the year. 3 - Patchy morning frosts remain a risk on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. 4

When Will it Rain?

As the chart above shows there is virtually no rainfall forecast anywhere in the UK and Ireland through this coming weekend. The chart shows accumulated rainfall from Friday through until 7pm on Sunday. With the exception of some patchy frontal rain for Shetland and the odd shower over Scotland, it