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December 2022 – Final Guidance

+++ THIS FORECAST IS FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR COPIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. +++ DECEMBER 2022 - FINAL GUIDANCE ==================================== Issued: Wednesday 30th November 2022 Contact: HEADLINES ========== + Drier weather at first and generally overall + Probably cool to cold for much of the month + Frost and fog

Winter is arriving

I think many of us are not surprised to hear that November has been a mild and wet month. The statistics below show just that, maps taken from the Met department source associated with Reading University can be seen here; Map above of the mean temperature anomaly through to 29th November Map

When the weather doesn’t ‘do’ weather

So, you know that cold weather is on its way. Easterly winds set in as high pressure builds over Scandinavia and the jet stream gets pushed further south into Europe. Now, usually at this time of year we'd also be looking for some stratospheric warming; interestingly this isn't happening (see forecast 10hPa