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Finally settled weather on the horizon

Hello all, Well I am sure that most of you have the feeling that this winter is very wet so far, and we have seen only a few days with clearly settled weather. That's very true indeed, and the reason is the lack of anticyclonic conditions. It seems that this winter

5 things to know for the upcoming weekend

Hello all, Well weekend is very close now so check below 5 important weather-wise things: 1) It will be a bright but also showery weekend. 2) Showers will be more frequent and possibly heavy on coastal areas, and more especially in west. 3) Fog is expected over parts of England on Sunday morning. 4) More

What’s on the weather menu for next weeks?

Good day all, Well it seems that the prognostic models are getting crazy for the development of weather patterns through the next weeks. We see global model going from the one extreme (being strong west-southwest winds and rain) to another (anticyclonic condition with dry and bright weather). This can be easily seen