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Cold blast still here well into January

Many of our latest musings and videos have been on the cold signals continuing through the month of January. All the leading models now have a grip on the cold flow continuing at least until the second week of the new year. The below charts have been annotated to show

More on the Cold Weather Persisting into January

Now, I know I've been harping on about the Stratospheric Warming event that's underway for a while now but I thought I'd give you a further insight into the forecast impacts for us. If you've seen Tuesday's Look Ahead then you'll know that we're now expecting a further week of

La Nina Continues…Neutral by Spring?

Most models and agencies now think that the current La Nina event in the Pacific is very close to its peak, if it hasn't already passed it. From now on, the general trend for sea surface temperatures in the Nino-3.4 region of the Pacific is to rise, coming back into