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5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

A mixed weekend coming up. Here are the five things you need to know; 1- Blustery winds on Saturday; fresh to strong for many, near gale force towards and along coasts as well as in exposed areas. 2- Frequent, heavy showers in the west, tending to be drier further east and south. 3-

October 2022 – Final Weather Guidance

+++ THIS FORECAST IS FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR COPIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. +++ OCTOBER 2022 - FINAL GUIDANCE ==================================== Issued: Thursday 29th September 2022 HEADLINES ========== + A more or less average weather pattern. + Though southern areas looking to continue to be drier on average. + Generally average

Hurricane facts that may surprise you…

As we are now well into the tropical storm season and there is plenty happening currently, here are a number of weird and wonderful facts that you might not have known about hurricanes; 1- Hurricane generated waves frequently toss tons of fish onto beaches. The eyes of many of the fish have