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5 things to know for the coming weekend

Hi all, So the weekend is almost here, so take a look at the below 5 things about the coming weather: 1) Southern and cetrnal England will be generally dry through the weekend with some brightness. 2) Elsewhere Saturday will be cloudy and breezy with outbreaks of rain. 3) More showery on Sunday with

High chances for high pressure.. but for how long?

Hello all, So the last few days it seems that there is an increasing possibility to see the long-awaited dry spell (or period) over our area. It is quite true that most (if not all) the prognostic models are coming up with high pressure building over the British Isles, starting from

ECMWF 6-Week to late May

Here we go then with the latest ECMWF 6-week outlook to late May. There are some signs of better things to come; not perfect, just better than we have been having recently. Here we go then with the latest ideas ... 15th April to 21st April High pressure over and west of Ireland. Low pressure

La Niña, here we come!

Here we go then with the El Niño heading towards La Niña. Below from the ENSO dashboard is a comparison with similar years. It's a good comparison too with 1958, 1966, 1983, 1992 , 1998, 2020 and the 2016 events. We'll be adding this into our seasonal forecast database to come up with

ECMWF Outlook to late May

There are some better signs ahead, although as always, these should be treated cautiously as much can change. However, we may well start to see the back of this horrendously wet weather in the second half of April and then onwards to May. Here's what the latest 6-week forecast from the ECMWF

5 things to know for the coming weekend

Hello all,   Well the weekend is almost here, so please have a look at the 5 important weather-wise elements for this weekend: Heavy rain for Scotland on Saturday morning, clearing later. Showers elsewhere, with showers or longer spells of rain in west. A mix of bright or sunny spells and showers


+++ THIS FORECAST IS FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR COPIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. +++ APRIL 2024 - FINAL GUIDANCE =========================== Issued: Monday 1st April 2024 Contact: HEADLINES ========== + Cold north + Unsettled + Better final week FACTORS AFFECTING APRIL 2024 PRELIMINARY GUIDANCE ============================================== + Low pressure persistent + Jet stream over or south