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Any snow on the horizon??

Hello all, The last few days as well as the next few ones we will some large of rainfall in places, and it will be windy too. It seems that the Atlantic came back strong with several developing areas of low pressure crossing the UK! I am sure though, that most of

Is that it? Is winter over? I think not!

That's the question I keep being asked; milder temperatures ahead, rainfall, strong makes sense to say winter could be over....doesn't it? Well no. I actually think what we saw last week with the colder hit of weather was rather a late autumn cold spell, rather than an early winter chilly

So how the story goes from now on?

Well it was a good farewell (for now) to the wintry conditions that we had during the last month, and I am sure that a lot of you have some good photos of snow falling along with the Xmas lights. Now the weather story changes drastically with a milder period to

5 Weather Week Things To Know

2023 is rapidly drawing to a close with less than four weeks left of the year. After the cold weather of last week, the coming week is likely to be milder. However, that milder air brings with it the usual wind and rain. Here are your 5 Weather Week Things To Know ... 1.

Back to normal??

It's been quite a cold period across most parts of the country with several nights with negative minimums. Also, we've seen some snow around with at least a dusting of snow in many places in the north and central parts. At the timing of writing this post, more snow is falling

Recent Decembers, do you remember?

We have been getting plenty of calls from the media, and some requests from clients, as to how this December compares to the recent past. Interestingly, and something I think will become of increasing note I the coming year, is socio-meteorology; how we interact with weather, how humans remember weather events

To snow or not to snow? The big question for the coming week!

At the start of the recent cold spell, way back at the end of the Autumn I heard said that "this was January/February weather and we were still in Autumn", and of course meteorologists define Winter as from 1st December, "the meteorological Winter". I hadn't realised that our weather was bundled into