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High pressure persists

The next week at least across the country we are expecting dry weather to persist as high pressure keeps a firm hold on the UK and Ireland. The break in the weather is proving tricky to pin pint exactly when though all models continue to show a slide in conditions

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

Here's what is in store for the weekend ahead with five things you should know; 1- High pressure dominant - sitting just to the west of Scotland this will keep conditions settled throughout the weekend ahead. 2- Mostly if not completely dry conditions prevail, though the odd patchy drizzle cannot be ruled

Let’s get the summer started!

The 1st of June signals the start of the next three months of summer within the meteorology world, and it sure has felt like it for many this past week or two. The sunshine has been out, particularly in the north and west, and with that the temperatures have come

June 2023 – Final Guidance

+++ THIS FORECAST IS FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR COPIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. +++ JUNE 2023 - FINAL GUIDANCE ======================== Issued: Tuesday 30th May 2023 Contact: HEADLINES ========== + Fair start and end + Thundery middle + Wettest south FACTORS AFFECTING JUNE 2023 FINAL GUIDANCE =========================================== + High pressure dominates, mainly north of

5 Weather Week Things To Know

A day late with this one, but I'm sure you will. forgive me? It's a bit like Groundhog Day this week, but here we go with your 5 Weather Week Things To Know ... 1. High pressure remains in control through the week. 2. Plenty of dry weather with sunny spells. 3. The best

Drought, El Niño and a wet Europe

Reports of farmers abandoning winter wheat crops in Kansas, USA have emerged this week, following an extended period of dry weather. A look at weather data since the start of the year confirms this drought with rainfall around 60% of average for the year to the end of April. When looking at the

ECMWF 6-Week Outlook into July

Weather looks to turn more mixed through June, then signal of warmer and drier conditions later in the month. Here is what the latest ECMWF six week outlook has to say. 29th May to 4th June High pressure over the country. A largely dry and fine week. Risk of cloud and some patchy rain

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

Here comes the weekend so let's see how it will shape up with five things to know; 1- High pressure continues to ridge in across the country keeping most dry with sunny spells. 2- However, a weak front will bring cloudier skies to the north and northwest with the odd spot of

El Niño and what does it mean for us

There is some talk at the moment about the current state of the atmosphere and the terms ENSO and perhaps more specifically El Niño (warm phase). This is because we have recently come out of a La Niña phase (cold phase) which went on for just about 3 full years

A wet and unsettled Mediterranean

While the UK and Ireland have been benefitting from the higher pressure bringing dry and settled weather, lower pressure has to go somewhere and in this case it's down through the central and southern Europe, particularly causing havoc in the Mediterranean. Italy has bore the brunt of many landslides and flooding