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5 Weather Week Things To Know

Here we go then, pass mid-summers days, but I won't make any reference to winter being around the corner :) These are your 5 Weather Week Things To Know ... 1. Some showers this morning (Monday), improving from the west, although eastern areas having a fair morning then some heavy showers this

Current thoughts on longer term outlooks

The last few days we have been through a number of longer range models showing us their view on July. Here is a rapid sum up of how the general story is being portrayed. The JMA, GFS, ECMWF and CFSv2 all suggest after a rather mixed and changeable weather pattern

Lively winds this weekend

An active summer low will spin across Ireland this weekend, bringing unsettled conditions and strong winds. It's not unheard of to see strong winds through the summer, with gales occurring at times around our coasts. Saturday will be a breezy day, particularly in the west, with brisk southerlies. The peak of the winds

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

After a hot week, temperatures are not so warm this weekend and will be distinctly cooler in the west. Here are your 5 Weekend Weather Things To Know ... 1. Most areas dry and fair on Saturday, best of the sunshine in the west. 2. Showers over western coasts on Saturday, more persistent

Statistics so far for June

We are now two thirds the way through the month of June so its a good time to check in on how the month has done so far with regards to temperature and rainfall. The below data is taken from the University of Reading Met department website page. The below chart

ECMWF 6-Week latest trend through to August

The latest ECMWF longer outlook takes us right the way through to the beginning of August. Let's see what it's current analysis is... 20th June to 26th June Jet stream northern UK. Low pressure over France. Higher pressure in North Atlantic. Largely dry for many though fronts affecting the far north. Heavy showers pushing north towards end

Summer Solstice

As it is the 21st June today it is known as the summer solstice, in other words it is the longest day of the year. To give you some facts, the sun rose this morning in London at 4.43am, and it will set at 9.21pm, delivering 16 hours, 38 minutes and

Rain focus remains north and west

There's uncertainty in the detail of the forecasts over the coming couple of weeks, but it does seem that the consistency in the story remains for most rainfall to the be to the north and west. Here's the forecast total rainfall from the ECMWF Model from yesterday. Notice the focus for