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Tonga volcano eruption

This morning we got notification that an under water volcano suddenly and explosively erupted in Tonga. It was so explosive that it sent shock waves across the surrounding area and subsequently raised the tsunami warning for around the vicinity. It did create a tsunami and many of the islands did

Seasonal weather outlooks – important or insufficient?

We are now in the realm of looking ahead towards and through the spring months for all you farmers in particular. Lately, Simon has put up one or two musings as well as a look ahead video on the seasonal outlook, so please, if you haven't already, check these out.

5 Things to know about the Weekend

High pressure remains the dominant weather feature through this weekend bringing a generally settled scene, however, expect some patchy rain on a weak cold front moving south on Sunday. Here is what you need to know; 1- Mist & fog: Plenty of mist and fog patches about through parts of England,

More on that February to July outlook

You may have seen yesterdays Look Ahead video with the seasonal update for the next 6-months, so I just wanted to emphasise the main couple of charts from that video. Below is the ECMWF forecast for February, march and April showing the mean off the surface pressure anomaly. From this we

ECMWF 6-Week Outlook to late February

The ECMWF 6-week model is taking a look into the end of the month right now. Here's what the latest forecast is suggesting ... 15th January to 21st January High pressure generally in control, centred over the south or just to the west of the UK and Ireland. The jet stream is likely to

5 Things to Know about the Week Ahead

A settling down of conditions as we go through this week with high pressure becoming established over England and Wales. Here are the five things you need to know; 1- Largely dry: With high pressure there will be hardly any rain about though Monday for most will see patchy rain and