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Two sides of a coin..but climate crisis wins..

Wll even though the British Isles are under the continuous influence of low pressure, with several bands of rain spreading east, but with a few drier interludes as well, if we move on the exactly opposite side of Europe, over the southeast we can see a much more different picture. Even

A look at Easter…. past, now and yet to come!

Easter is a moveable feast which can occur between 22nd March and 25th April with just a few since 1800, including now 2024 straddling across March and April.  Taking a sample of years from 1800 there have been just 54 occasions when Easter Sunday has occurred in March compared with

5 things to know for the coming weekend

Good day all, Well the weekend is very close so please have a look at the 5 most important things weather-wise: Most of England, Wales and Scotland will see a mostly dry weekend with long sunny spells. Further west over Ireland, expect cloudier skied with showers, these more frequent in the