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November 2021 – Final Guidance for Month

+++ THIS FORECAST IS FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR COPIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. +++ NOVEMBER 2021 - FINAL GUIDANCE =========================== Issued: Sunday 31st October 2021 Contact: HEADLINES ========== + A mixed month + Unsettled start + Cooler end to the month FACTORS AFFECTING NOVEMBER 2021 FINAL GUIDANCE ===================================================== + Jet stream in north

A Halloween weather update

Happy Halloween everyone and a rather mild one at that, though is not too unusual to get a milder end to October. Generally though, the whole of this month has been a mild one for sure, due to a consistent south-westerly wind direction blowing up the still warmer air from

Chatting through highs and lows of November into December

The UK and Ireland currently is sitting within a trough and with a driving overhead Jet the northwest of Europe, and indeed Iberia, is getting hit by areas of low pressure. These bring fronts of rain, heavy and persistent rainfall at that, across the area frequently over the coming days.