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Forget the pipe-smoking weather forecasters of old, we're different!

Here's a little about us....

simon-keeling-813029616Dr. Simon Keeling PhD, MSc, RMet, FRMetS
Okay, so the letters after the name may look impressive, but don't let that fool you; I'm actually a self-confessed weather anorak!

As founder of Weather Consultancy Services, Weather School and it's my job to oversee operations here at the Weather Centre, advise and guide our meteorologists, and to make sure that you get the very best experience from your Premium membership.

My passion is in communication the weather, and having worked in broadcasting here in the UK and Europe, I want to bring great weather to a wider audience. After all, weather is what we all experience every day; its a fascinating subject but, until now, there have been very few outlets to explain how the weather works, why the forecast is as it is and also to explain uncertainties in the forecast.

I have an MSc and PhD in Meteorology from the University of Birmingham, but with every day I learn more about the weather.

In 2014 I was proud to become a Registered Meteorologist, the professional accreditation for meteorology in the UK and am now a Launch Ambassador for the scheme. This professional award, issued by the Royal Meteorological Society ensures that a meteorologist has undergone recognised training, has the relevant experience, and adheres to a set of professional standards.


Alexi Venerus BA(Hons), MSc
First and foremost a weather enthusiast, Lexi has been lucky enough to turn my passion into my profession. 

Her  introduction into weather started back when she was younger and would holiday on the east coast of America with her family.  Alexi was always fascinated by the powerful thunderstorms rolling in across the Chesapeake Bay close to where they would stay. But it was actually on the other side of the Atlantic, on the Isle of Man where she grew up, that her passion for meteorology really developed.

Alexi completed an MSc in Meteorology and Climatology at the University of Birmingham in 2009, after completing a degree in Geology at the University of Edinburgh. Her first job was in marine meteorology based in Japan - what a brilliant experience! Once back in the UK she then worked in Aberdeen as a weather forecaster before working in London for several years where she also continued developing my meteorology skills and gaining extra qualifications.

Alexi now lives just to the west of the City of Edinburgh and in her spare time runs about after my two children and indulges her passion for cooking and yoga.


13d8c1dfa63f6399855a0ac464c1f26dGarry Nicholson BA(Hons), MSc, RMet
Whether it was looking out for snow during the winter, or being entertained by crazy American news reporters standing in the path of a hurricane, Garry has a long-standing fascination and interest in the weather; including trying to understand the science behind the subject, taking recordings, and attempting to make forecasts. He is also an extremely fair weather golfer, so an accurate weather forecast is a must!

Garry completed an MSc in Meteorology and Climatology at the University of Birmingham in September 2013. This included researching the influence of lunar cycles as a potential external forcing mechanism on weather patterns. (See the full list of Weatherweb reporters postings for discussions of this subject). He also has a BA in Geography and Broadcast Media from the University of Derby.

In 2014 Garry became one of the first Registered Meteorologists in the UK. This professional accreditation scheme, operated by the Royal Meteorological Society, ensures meteorologists operate to a set of professional standards, undergo continuous professional development, and have the experience and qualifications relevant to the profession.

Garry is fascinated by the day-to-day forecasting aspect of meteorology, his knowledge of day to day conditions is invaluable to Premium members.


'Captain Bob'
The identity of Captain Bob must remain a mystery, but all you need to know is that he (yes, we can confirm it is 'he') is considered one of the best long range forecasters around.

Captain Bob's weather interest began back in the 1960's when he spent time in Australia. He returned to the UK in the mid-60's and has been observing and commenting on weather patterns ever since.

Captain Bob takes a slightly unorthodox view of weather prediction. He uses computer model output, but also includes much analogues information, sea surface temperature and index techniques to improve his longer range guidance.

He is always learning and is keen to expore the unfolding cyclical relation ships within the atmosphere and ocean and to investigate the effect they have on Europe's weather.

What we can say is that his fingers are 'green' and he likes nothing more than 'letting off steam'. But will we ever know who Captain Bob really is?