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Returning Polar Maritime airmass

The words unstable, heavy showers even tricky predictability are flying around currently and rightly so as we are currently enduring a Returning Polar Maritime airmass. The UK and Ireland has been for a number of days now and continues to be influenced by low pressure. This pattern looks to continue through much

Latest on the Tropical Storm weather

Tropical Storm Andres on Sunday became the earliest named storm on record to develop in the eastern Pacific Ocean, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The eastern Pacific hurricane season runs from May 15th to November 30th. The system formed hundreds of miles off the west coast of Mexico and had

ECMWF 6-Week forecast to late June

Wow, we are really getting into summer now aren't we? The forecast from today's 6-week ECMWF model is taking us into the second half of June. There are some signs of an improvement in the weather, but the indications are this is going to be hit and miss and any dry