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“Prolonged colder spell” late February? Hmmmmmm.

These are interesting times for longer range forecasting models.  Much discussion is taking place amongst forecasters about whether a cold snap will hit during the second half of February. I find this both comforting and amusing. That's because (as you will know) we've long been predicting the stormy start to February

GFS Ensembles seeing a cooling jet to mid-month

The GFS ensemble 'postage stamps' (that's what forecasters call it when we place together several charts from the ensemble members, valid for the same time) for Valentines Day overwhelmingly favour the W-SW jet being maintained. Notice though how the jet is edged south of the UK on most, hinting that we

5 Weather Week Things to Know

As the first month of 2017 draws to a close, the weather is about to change. We'll see more rain than we have for some tie this week, especially in the west (see the rainfall total chart for the week below). Here are the 5 Weather Things You Need to Know