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IRI forecasts for April, May & June

Interesting to see the latest forecast form the IRI for the three months of April, may and June are coming in with a tendency to above normal precipitation across Ireland, west Wales and southwest England with nearer average precipitation elsewhere.   Temperatures is shown as being warm, and that's the case across

ECMWF through the first week of May

The latest ECMWF model data has come out for the next six weeks and this is what it has to say ... 27th March to 2nd April Staying mixed, at times unsettled across Ireland and the UK. A colder start to the week with frosts then milder again. Rain and or showers on most

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

A mixed weekend of weather coming up. Here are five things you should know about the weekend ahead; 1- Saturday sees some showers as well as longer spells of rain in places. Sunny spells about too. 2- Feeling pleasant in the sunshine on Saturday with daytime highs up to a mild 14