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CFS NAO leading us astray?

Interesting signals from the CFS NAO forecasts, and they aren't backing up our November and December ideas. Look how despite a brief dip into negative territory in mid to late November (inidcating some cooler spells) the NAO then goes strongly positive through much of December and into early January. This positive

Model monkey’s beware!

A good example this afternoon of why observations remain critically important when weather forecasting. It's a lesson I try to drum into new forecasters during my MSc Applied Meteorology & Climatology lectures as part of my role as Honorary lecturer at the University of Birmingham. Here is the radar from this afternoon,

5 Weather Week Things to Know

The first week of November beckons and here are your 5 Weather Week Things to Know ... 1. A cooler week than we have been used to. Temperatures generally around average, but an odd cooler day too. 2. Today (Monday) should bring plenty of sunshine across England and Wales after a frosty