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NAO still pointing to a colder winter?

I'm intrigued by the NAO forecast below. This is from the CFS model. Notice it takes us through to the end of the year. The black line in the mean of the various members of the CFS, and notice how (consistently in recent runs) it takes us into a negative NAO? This

Early October, in for a soaker? Then what?

Take a look at this mornings 500mb forecast from the GFS (courtesy of That’s such a deep trough, and eventually cut-off low that develops over the British Isles mid to late next week, listing through the weekend and into the following week. We need to be getting prepared for a spell

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

The weekend is almost here nd autumn is arriving too. It's weekend for wrapping up warm, but overall it should be pleasant for most. Here are your 5 Weekend Wether Things To Know ... 1. Breezy and cold Saturday in eastern areas of England, a few showers coasts and hills. 2. Less breezy to

New model, better forecasts?

The GFS Ensemble model has undergone a major upgrade which could have (hopefully) beneficial impacts on forecasts. The headlines are that once daily, based on the midnight run, the model will be extending to 35-days ahead. It will also be running at a higher resolution out to 10-days ahead, as well as