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Thos end of February/early March signals

Just to reiterate the thoughts in yesterday's Look Ahead video updating on spring and summer. This is the CFS weekly 500mb anomalies for the end of February and early March. It's likely that this will be a crucial period for the atmospheric circulation pattern and if we do find the jet stream

5 Weather Week Things To Know

We are heading into the final weeks of winter 2022/23 and it seems as though the weather is going to be staying largely dry for most of us. The exception this week will be northwest Scotland where there will be some gales and rain. Elsewhere the weather remains quiet. Here are your 5

Warming back again?

When you think you have got rid of one stratospheric warming event, another one comes along to take its place. Here's the forecast 10hPa temperature for 16th February. Look at the grey colours over Russia, swinging into the Pole. That's a warming event and it is bound to have an impact on