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NAO suggesting drier, frostier November?

The NAO is a useful too to be looking at at thistle of year. If you're new to Weatherweb Premium then the NAO is the North Atlantic Oscillation, when it's in positive territory it suggests that the flow across the Atlantic is more westerly and hence usually unsettled over the British

5 Weather Week Things To Know

It's autumn and the weather machine sure will be letting us know that this week. From today the weather turns cooler and more breezy, and there is the risk of some more widespread and severe gales affecting many areas by the end of the week. Here are your 5 Weather Week Things

Is the MJO showing the way to go?

Something we haven't updated ourselves on for a while is the Madden-Julian Oscillation. This index is a monitor of convective activity across the Pacific Ocean and tends to have a teleconnection to weather events around the planet. The forecast MJO below is from the CFS model for the next month. Now, what's interesting