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Retreating snow cover in Europe this week

Winter snow cover in eastern Europe is set to be eroded this week as milder air arrives. Here's the snow cover chart as of this morning. Note that most snow is in Scandinavia and western Russia as well as parts of the Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States. This snow is

5 Weather Week Things to Know

That's it for another year folks! Yes, meteorological winter officially ends tomorrow (Tuesday). Of course that doesn't mean that winter weather is completely ended, we'll see some snow and frost this week, but it does mean that we go forward into the new season knowing that the end should in theory

ECMWF 46-day update into early April

The ECMWG 46-day model has ben suffering from an attack of the 'uncertainties' in the past few runs. I'm pleased to say this one looks much better, which is good news as I know how critical for many of you the period we are now entering is. So, here's what it