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February – staying mild or becoming warm?

During February day-length increases quite steadily through the month, especially from mid-month with sunset (in Birmingham) just before 5pm at start of the month to near 6pm on 28th.  Along with this, increasing irradiance  enables the first snowdrops to appear and by 29th this year daffodils are in full bloom. 

A look at …. past, now, next…Winter 2024 to Late-February

Following on from the previous A look at...which reviewed by 10-day (decad) periods December 2023 and mid (11th -20th) January 2024 and a forecast mid-January (11th-20th) and late-January (21st-31st); with 2/3rds of the month through and with model forecasts then settling on a BIG change going into late-month a review

A Look At …. past, now, next…Winter 2024 (so far)

With some much media coverage and speculation about forthcoming weather in January over the next 5-10 days coupled with yet more records broken through 2023 and more recently December warrants a more detailed look at past, in this case Winter(s), now (Winter 2024 so far...) and next (remainder of Winter

Storm Henk : in pictures

A few pictures of Storm Henk. Pressure and wind at 6am Tuesday morning, Henk developing ...   Pressure and wind at 2pm this afternoon .... Henk is the low pressure over central parts of the Midlands with the highest wind gusts (yellow colours) over southern England.... Data from University of Birmingham showing

Mother of pearl clouds

  The snaps above were taken rather quickly around 8am last Thursday from a roof-top car park, to the south of Birmingham. Prior to this there was near full cloud cover, then the cloud layers broke to reveal an array of mother of pearl clouds with a mix of pastel shades

December 2023 : rainfall so far….quick look

 the above graphic gives a quick view and summary of rainfall so far for December 2023, taking Birmingham as being representative of central England.  It is central England along with Wales where the most prolonged and heaviest of the expected rainfall will occur on Tuesday.  So how is this shaping

To snow or not to snow? The big question for the coming week!

At the start of the recent cold spell, way back at the end of the Autumn I heard said that "this was January/February weather and we were still in Autumn", and of course meteorologists define Winter as from 1st December, "the meteorological Winter". I hadn't realised that our weather was bundled into