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Seasonal Outlook – February & March

*February*  Our overall expectations for February have not changed, despite little back-up from climate modelling. We still suspect that February will be the coldest month of the winter, and may go some way to redressing the balance of the exceptionally mild weather so far. Note confidence remains low, but our current thoughts are

January Month Ahead Forecast

After a stormy start to 2016, and wet one too, the overall trend from mid-month is towards cooler weather. Details are sketchy right now, but thoughts are that there could be a tendency to near or below average temperatures, with wintry weather in the north and east, perhaps frostier and drier

Suspect rain data doesn’t tell the flood story

Sticking to the facts seems increasingly hard for journalists, even in the most respected of establishments. Even if information conveyed is in its strictest sense accurate, wrapping it in data which is not is dubious practice to say the least. The BBC published a graph earlier (now mysteriously absent from its website

More heavy rain Wednesday – Flood Risk Continues

You'd think that the weather machine would have had enough of producing rain wouldn't you? Yet, there's more the come. Focus is on Wednesday, with a combination of severe gales and heavy rain. Flooding is likely again across western England and Wales, with the risk to the Midlands floods plains increasing too. Chart shows