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Rain This Week?

The chart above shows the accumulated rainfall for the week ahead, ending at 00.00UTC on Sunday, 7th June. Of the three models shown, this is by far the most optimistic in terms of rainfall accumulations across the UK. The highest accumulations from the ECMWF model are across the highlands of

Cool on the coast? Yes and no!

Dipping your toe in?! The late May sunshine is shining strong in the sky, and it's a warm weekend ahead, so many people will be flocking to beaches around the UK - 2 metres apart from everyone else if you're lucky... But it's early days in terms of summer sea temperatures around

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

The final weekend of May is upon us, summer starts in Ernest on Monday. What of the weather this weekend? Here are you 5 Weekend Weather Things to Know ... 1. Plenty of sunshine on Saturday, warm. 2. Feeling cooler on eastern coasts. 3. Scattered showers Midlands and Scotland. 4. Staying dry and very warm