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Another Cold NW’ly Air Mass!

It's been a cold start to the week, after quite a cold weekend as well due to a north-westerly air mass. The combination of the cold air mass, along with clear skies meant a frosty start to Monday. A changeable period of weather will develop in the coming days, with some wet weather moving south and east at times, along with something of a recovery in temperatures too. However, there is increasing confidence, given some model agreement that NW'ly winds will return by the end of the week and through the coming weekend.

In a similar weather pattern to what has been experienced this past weekend, low pressure is set to clear away to the east of the British Isles into Saturday the 11th, while higher pressure becomes more dominant to the west. This then opens the door for a cold NW'ly, perhaps even N'ly air mass next weekend. The latest ECMWF model highlights this situation well, with a cold front clearing the south coast into the weekend, allowing the colder weather to follow on behind.

Showers may well turn wintry across the hills of Scotland as next weekend progresses and, many areas will likely end up seeing temperatures become slightly below average. Frost is likely to return as well, perhaps especially by Sunday night with sub-zero minimum temperatures undoubtedly possible.

As ever we'll keep a close eye on this development and keep you posted in the coming days, but another weekend for winter jackets and jumpers is likely!



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