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5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

The final few days of the year are upon us and, as we look ahead to the coming weekend of which sees New Year's Eve come around, the weather is looking distinctly unsettled as low pressure dominates the weather. As usual, for a Friday, we take a look at 5

Travel Trouble

If you’ve got some extended holiday time this week, then you may well be pleased to know that further travel problems, due to snow, may arrive later in the week. Overnight snowfall through yesterday certainly brought some problems on the roads on Wednesday morning across parts of Wales, Midlands and

How warm will 2018 be?

The UK Met Office have issued their forecast of global temperature for 2018. In a recent radio interview a Met Office scientists stated that 2017 was 'one of the warmest on record [globally]'. I'm always intrigued by the idea that year has been 'one of the warmest on record'. Surely the