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10-day model agreement – what it means

Sometimes one can have a better idea as tho how things pan out in the 5-day period, rather than what happens in the next day or so. This is one of those occasions. The comparison charts for next week (Thursday) below (from showing the trough across eastern parts of the UK.

UPDATED: 5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

Right! Let's see what we can do about the weather this weekend. The warm of last weekend seems a distant memory now doesn't it? I'm afraid it isn't getting warmer this weekend and we will even have to be thinking about a risk of frost! Here are your 5 Weekend Weather Things

Australian Heat

It may well only be late April over in Australia but for much of the country, especially more central and northern areas, it continues to be very warm indeed, as some particularly high temperatures dominate the weather at the moment and also looking ahead. On Tuesday (24th), maximum temperatures widely