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5 Week Ahead Weather Things To Know

Well, if sunshine and high temperatures are what you're after then this week will definitely be 'right up your street', as the saying goes! High pressure dominates to bring very dry conditions, this a trend from recent weeks, right the way back into May. Temperatures on the rise as well,

Cooling SST’s and Hurricane Season Impacts

Since the beginning of the year, through to around May, a number of the early season forecasts, for the tropical Atlantic were pointing towards a potentially another active season. While last year was unprecedented in terms of the activity, another active season would have been unwelcomed this year. However, what

High Pressure Dominance – May to Mid-June Anomalies

It may come as no surprise but the last month and a half has been particularly dry and settled. We have just experienced more of a zonal period of weather, primarily due to the jet stream becoming more influential across the North Atlantic which has brought some rain in places,