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NAO & AO go negative, cold air signals?

There are so many colder signals out there right now, but it's important not to be falling over oneself thinking that cold is the way we are heading. However, there are so many uncertainties when trying to forecast winter conditions and cold outbreaks as so many factors are at play. However, it's

ECMWF 6-week to early 2020

And so we are now forecasting into early next year and the ECMWF is giving some insights into the weather we may expect. A caveat on this one though; there are weakening of the westerly winds in the stratosphere high above the Arctic right now (see my Look Ahead videos and

Winter, winter (and snow) where are you?

So, I thought I'd have a look to see where winter is. After all, it's only a few days (five to be precise) until we officially begin meteorological winter. Actually, I'm really looking at where snow and ice are right now, and how that compares to average. These features are important as