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Latest ENSO Forecasts

The latest probabilistic ENSO forecast from the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) continues to hint at a developing La Nina in the Pacific Ocean. As seen above, by the time we get to the end of the year (October-November-December (OND)) there's a 50:50 chance of ENSO-neutral conditions and La Nina conditions. The

Ap[ril 2020 – Final Guidance

+++ THIS FORECAST IS FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR COPIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. +++   APRIL 2020 - FINAL GUIDANCE =================================== Issued: Friday 27th March 2020 Contact: HEADLINES ========== + A drier than average month + Cool start, then milder later + Mixed early in the month FACTORS AFFECTING APRIL 2020 PRELIMINARY

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

As the strangest of weeks comes to an end, here are your 5 Weekend Weather Things to Know .... First up, make sure you wrap up warm, because it's going to be much colder than this week, especially in the wind. 1. Colder on Saturday with sunny spells, an early frost in