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Is La Nina Still on the Cards?

The latest probabilistic forecast from the CPC indicates there is now a 50:50 chance between ENSO-neutral and La Nina conditions developing in the Pacific this autumn. Latest sea surface temperature anomalies across the central and eastern Pacific continue to fall below average with the average sea surface temperature in the Nino-3.4

Quick weather window heads-up

Just wanted to show you this weather-window which seems to be on the horizon. Apologies for the brevity, but I wanted to get this to you asap. Notice the pressure graph showing an uptick right at the end, around 4th/5th July? This is something the ECMWF ensemble mean continues with, and the

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

The weekend is here and the weather is changing to something fresher and more mixed for most of us. Rain is on its way thanks to low pressure and its associated fronts. Here are you 5 Weekend Wether ThingsTo Know ... 1. Rain and showers passing north and east on Saturday, a much