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ECMWF 6-Week Outlook To Mid March

February shows a consistent story of high pressure dominance throughout much of the month. This consequently would give a drier month on average. Perhaps a turn may come about in March...? Here is what the latest run of the longer range ECMWF looks like... 6th February to 12th February Ridge of high pressure

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

High pressure remains the dominant weather feature this weekend, though there is some weather about. Here are five things to know about the weekend ahead; 1- Cold front with rain on it, heavy in the north and west for a time, will clear from the west on Saturday. 2- Brighter conditions yet

Predicted rainfall for February

Looking through the next ten days when it comes to the amount of accumulated rainfall, the country as a whole is not receiving a lot. High pressure close by is keeping some areas over the next 10 days completely dry. See below the predicted accumulated rainfall across the country from