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A Europe view

A visible satellite image of Europe taken at lunchtime on 3rd June (yesterday). Guess which region is also under the influence of high pressure?!  Yes, that's right northern Europe. Like the UK and Ireland, northern Europe is also experiencing dry and fine weather with plenty of sunshine. Though it too is seeing

High pressure persists

The next week at least across the country we are expecting dry weather to persist as high pressure keeps a firm hold on the UK and Ireland. The break in the weather is proving tricky to pin pint exactly when though all models continue to show a slide in conditions

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

Here's what is in store for the weekend ahead with five things you should know; 1- High pressure dominant - sitting just to the west of Scotland this will keep conditions settled throughout the weekend ahead. 2- Mostly if not completely dry conditions prevail, though the odd patchy drizzle cannot be ruled