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5 Weather things to know about the Week Ahead

We have a somewhat unsettled first half of the week, blustery through mid week, then pressure looks to build in from Friday. Here are the five weather things you need to know about the week ahead; 1- Monday is rather unsettled with longer spells of rain for some but also showers,

Wind strengths

I've had a number of calls phoning in on the WeatherLive service lately regarding the wind strength as this is currently an important weather factor in farming. So let us look at the winds in slightly more detail for the next few days by using the current ICON model run. The

Spring heatwaves

Western parts of Europe currently are experiencing a spring heatwave with intense and prolonged heat across many areas. Across Spain yesterday and through this weekend saw and will continue to see some of the hottest days so far this year and in recent years across the country. In Andalucía, temperatures