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Rain be gone, when do you return?

So it's good to get back to some drier weather, and even better news that temperatures look like increasing. For the next week in fact there is not going to be that much rain around, and once we have got rid of today's front most areas are likely to be dry

ECMWF 6-Week Outlook to early July

The regular ECMWF 6-Week is now taking us into the early stages of July and makes for some interesting reading. It's important to note that the model is not seeing either a large area of high pressure, or the deep lows such as we have got used to in the past

Look Back in Anger to May 2007, and what of summer 2021?

The weather patterns can sometimes seem to repeat themselves, and it's this that we often refer to as analogue forecasting. You'll see me using analogue techniques when forecast for seasons ahead. Now, this method is generally frowned up (as are most 'older' forecasting techniques), although interestingly, I now below that month ahead