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Consistently Wet and Windy

A consistent signal for a spell of wet and windy weather moving across Ireland and the British Isles during Friday into Friday night. Rain may reach the west of Ireland before the morning is out and spreads east gradually, arriving in Eastern Britain during Friday evening. Ahead of and with

Hubble Bubble

Contemporary science and the knowledge it provides about the physical processes that take place in the atmosphere and oceans helps us to understand the causes of the meteorological phenomena we experience; it also provides the tools with which we try to predict the weather. Of course, this wasn’t always the

Stormy Alps and Italy

Wet, windy and sometimes stormy weather is no stranger to the shores of Britain and Ireland during the autumn months but other areas of Europe can suffer too. At the start of this week the effects of a major storm were felt in Italy, France and Switzerland. In Italy, strong

Dealing With Uncertainty

Access to forecast weather information has never been easier with a whole range of forecasts, sometimes very detailed, available to anyone who wishes to use them. Almost invariably the forecasts that we see online are automated forecasts obtain directly from numerical weather prediction (NWP) models; these have not been calibrated