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A look at warm Decembers

Is the current warmth unprecedented? The UK has been experiencing a run of very mild temperatures this month so far. Temperatures have been in double figures Celsius by day and often by night too for many areas. There have been exceptions, with snow across the hills of northern England and Scotland

ECMWF shot of cold?

An interesting midnight run from the ECMWF but will it be borne out subsequently later today? The T+216 valid for Sunday 27th December shows a trough passing east of the UK with a colder north to northwest wind developing across the whole of the UK. This would lead to cooler weather

January 2016 Full Update

JANUARY 2016 UK & IRELAND FORECAST UPDATED THURSDAY 17TH DECEMBER 2015 + Staying mild, wet and windy overall + Chance of brief early cold snap + Mild, wet & windy mid-month + Signs of a colder end? CONFIDENCE LEVELS: Rainfall: 35% Very wet 25% Wet 25% Average 10% Dry 5% Very dry Temperature: 35% Very mild 30% Mild 20% Average 10% Cold 5% Very cold INFERENCE: Climate models are