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Rainfall contrasts across Grampian Mountains

Heavy rain over the past few days is causing further flooding in eastern Scotland. A persistent east to south-easterly wind, and slow moving fronts across the eastern Grampian mountains has seen marked local variations of rainfall.

Orographic enhancement over the hilly terrain has increased rainfall on the windward eastern mountains, whilst a rain-shadow effect has left areas to the lee of the mountains much drier.

Aboyne in Deeside has seen almost 100mm of rain over the past 3 days, whilst Aviemore in Strathspey to the west of the Cairngorms has seen just 6mm.

There has also been considerable accumulating snowfall over the higher mountains, which may have slowed down some of the run-off into the river systems. Nevertheless, flooding has been severe, and will continue over the days ahead, with further high rainfall totals expected here as the weather pattern remains similar.

Below is the accumulated rainfall radar over the past 24 hours:

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