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An Arctic Blast next week? What we know so far

After the warmth of winter so far, any colder weather is going to come as quite a shock, and that's exactly what is expected to happen next week.

The media are winding up to make much of 'Arctic lasts' and 'Polar Freezes', but it is important to keep things in context.

The latest ideas are that as winds swing into the north and northwest early next week, cold air from the north pole will be dragged through all parts of the UK and Ireland. This will be turning precipitation increasingly to sleet and snow, even at low levels (although there is already snow in parts of Scotland).

The first indication of the colder weather is likely to be later on Monday (although Scotland already has hill snow today, and even some at low levels), with all then feeling colder conditions by Tuesday.

Bands of snow showers pass southwards, falling at low levels even over southern England. A few places are likely to have a covering of snow, with more significant totals across hills.

Daytime temperatures probably in the range of 1C in northern Scotland to 5C in southern England. Overnight temperatures around -2 to -6C, but as low as -10C over prone areas with snow cover, such as central Scotland and the hills and valleys of northern England.

Much could change between now and then, but we will keep you updated here at

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