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Friday afternoon snow thoughts

Some Friday afternoon thoughts on next weeks cold snap.

Firstly, if you are a snow lover, don't get too excited. Yes, there will be areas that see some snow, but for 80% there will be very little on the ground.

It is going to be colder, that really noticeable from Tuesday onwards, and frosts which have been a rarity this winter thus far will be making an appearance. These could be severe over areas which have snow cover.

The cold looks set to last for much of next week, although there is much uncertainty over developments during the weekend. Don't be surprised by the potential for a more widespread snow event (considered around a 30% chance right now).

The following week presents problems too. Some models leaning back towards milder weather, others keep the cold going.

As of now we favour the idea of slipping back to milder weather in England, Wales and Ireland, but staying cold in Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland and northern England. Unfortunately on the boundary of these two airmasses there is the potential for heavy rain, snow, and the potential for further flooding.

We'll keep you updated.

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