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Storm Katie gusts – check the Obs!

Reports have suggested a gust of 106mph at The Needles on the Isle of Wight.

The map below shows the peak gusts at official recording sites across the country today.


The highest gusts show as 80mph at Portland Bill, 74mph at St Catherine's Point (IoW) and a variety of 60+ gusts across southern England.

These inland gusts of 60+ are certainly enough to cause damage, and we have seen trees down etc - so it is important not be make light of those winds.

But we question the validity of the reported 106mph gust from the Needles - which would be over 20mph higher than any other locations.

The Needles is very much exposed to south-westerly winds, but it is unlikely to make a difference of 20mph to an equally very exposed Portland Bill headland.

So we suggest the observation is somewhat 'rogue', perhaps a mis-firing anemometer being buffeting by the severe gales, or battery related problems.

Of course we can't 100% guarantee there wasn't such a gust - but when looking at notable figures such as this, it is always important to back it up with nearby equivalent observations.

But why let the facts get in the way of a good story - a 100mph storm grabs a big headline doesn't it?!

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