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Here we go again, snow & sleet Thursday afternoon

Latest models showing the rain, sleet and snow risk for today.

Forecast rain/snow for midday has it over northwest England, southwest & southern Scotland and Wales, could be a fair bit of snow over the hills, add in the strong winds and unpleasant ...


3pm forecast has heaviest snow southern Scotland and the northern Pennines plus Lake District. Rain and wind northern England and Wales, few snow showers Northern Ireland...


6pm passing Midlands & SW England but affecting much of northern England and southern Scotland. main snow risk still southern Scotland and northern England, some over eastern Grampians to. Windy for all.


Midnight into Friday its snow SE Scotland and the Lakes as well as northern Pennines. Few snow showers Northern Ireland. Rain clears SE. Windy.

At least this should be the last (famous last words!) of the recent widespread snow-bearing storms.

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