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Oh those September conflictions & contradictions

September continues to cause conflicts. I'd originally gone with the idea of a mixed to unsettled September, yes with some good spells, but generally a typical autumn month. Long rangers did occasionally suggest higher pressure, but most analogues stayed away from these ideas. It was decided the jet would win out and the

5 Weather Week Things to Know

It's the start of a new week, and in England and Wales it's a Bank Holiday to start with. Here's the weather headlines you'll need to know this week... 1. Fair for most today (Monday) with sunny spells, but watch for drizzle and cloud western Ireland and western Scotland. 2. Staying fine, warm

Little rain this week after the weekend

Some parts of the UK and Ireland will be experiencing rain this weekend, but dry weather is set to be the dominate feature of conditions, especially in the south and east of the UK for next week. 12 hour rain to midday Monday shows a mostly dry day ...   Tuesday is similar,