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Caution, models are high happy

I spoke briefly in yesterdays Look Ahead video about being a little cautious when all the models are 'high happy'. The chart below is the latest from the Beijing model which, as you can see, also plants orange colours over the top of the UK indicating that high pressure is going to

NAO shows negative signs for summer

I wrote in a previous musing about how the NAO isn't as reliable as an indicator in the summer months. As the pressure difference between the Azores and Iceland weakens, so the index becomes less variable. However, it is still useful for spotting patterns. Take a look at the latest NAO forecast

5 Weather Week Things to Know

After such a mild start to March, the weather is set to be turning colder for a while this week. Here are the 5 Weather Things You Need to Know... 1. Rain in southern parts of the UK today (Monday), clearing east. Heavy showers and cooler air north and west. Windy in