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NAO stays with pattern for spring and summer

The latest CFS forecast for the NAO continues to show a negative slant to things through April, May and June. This suggests that the pattern we currently have of tending to bock the pattern with high pressure to the north is one which may stays prevalent into late sprgin and early summer. The

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

Here comes the weekend and it looks t be a favourable one weather-wise. These are the 5 Weather Things You Need to Know ... 1. It will be difficult to forecast cloud amounts this weekend, so if sunshine is important to you please keep abreast of the latest forecast. 2. A frost on

Summer warmth comes through on JAMSTEC too

You'll have guessed I've been doing a lot of work on the summer guidance forecast in the last few days. The Look Ahead talked of summer and my recent musings have too. Well, here's another one for you. The JAMSTEC model isn;t one that I usually stick with as it can