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FREE: Countdown to D-Day Weather Review – 1st June 1944

Thursday 1st June 1944 was not as warm as previous days, although 77F was recorded at Bristol. High pressure remained north of Scotland, although fronts were now pushing east across the UK and Ireland. extending from a low south of Iceland. A more westerly flow was becoming established.

Western areas of the UK were drizzly with low cloud on the coasts. If these charts were being drawn today I suspect I may draw them a little differently with a warm front lying through the UK.

Chief Meteorologist Stagg notes how despite there being no official weather briefing today, his forecasters were still at loggerheads over opinions for the weather of Monday 5th June, the original date set for Operation Overlord. He states that the American forecasters expressed "...almost undiluted optimism...", whereas forecasters in the UK were "...unnecessarily and unjustifiably gloomy.".

So, Stagg had to pick the bones from this advice and offer an opinion. It's worth remembering the above is as recalled by Stagg who is coming across as somewhat as the arbiter between various forecasters.

Others may have different opinions as to what actually happened!




(Original charts (c) Crown Copyright 1944 National Meteorological Library & Archive) 


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